Welcome, I'm so glad you are here~

Embark on a Heart Space Journey to:

Connect to your inner guidance system.  

Experience deep inner peace and clear direction

Feel confidence to move forward fearless!

Enjoy the flow of inspiration and creativity

Move to the next level of freedom in your self expression

Use your gifts, to bless humanity and the earth

Live with immense satisfaction and joy

This program is for awakened beings, ready to do the work you came to do.

You are dedicated to the work of personal and spiritual growth. You have experienced huge shifts and recognize something inside, nudging you to get support because, you are ready to clear what is blocking you and fulfill your calling.

You feel the momentum, the excitement, and the support of the universe as you choose the powerful ways of creating- however, you inevitably run into self-doubt, your inner-critic or even unconscious walls that make you question what you think you are doing.

You get lost and overwhelmed, which stops you from starting or moving forward.  

It happens to us all!  

This is why I accepted the call to bring forth Your Soul’s Calling.

For years, I have been working on an outlet for my energy and passion to use my gifts and be of service.  

But, until I went with a guide into the shadows, could I finally surrender everything. I connected to my inner guidance system that showed me a vision and that continues to lead the way.  This is what I desire for you, 

The time is now to fulfill your unique divine expression.


Humankind is experiencing a grand crisis. With each awakened being that brings forth their unique power and gifts, it advances our spiritual evolution and returns us to divine love and oneness.

You can do this. You feel spirit guiding you.

You are dissatisfied with how things are and want to be part of the solution.

Waiting is painful!  So let's go- I will lead you to the other side.  

You will receive six channeled audio sessions (downloadable MP3 files) that include guided meditations, instruction, exercises, visualizations, and more. You will receive these over the course of 18 days hand delivered to your inbox. 

Each audio creates a safe, sacred space-infused with love so you can:

  • Lift away the heaviness of old beliefs.
  • Let go of what you are holding on to and what is holding you back.
  • Create space to allow a co-creative partnership with the universe.
  • Confront fears of failing, being rejected, being alone, money fears, not worthy enough, and even the big one- death.
  • Heal the original abandonment.
  • Recognize the support of light and love that encircles you.
  • Witness your calling/mission/dharma unfold naturally.
  • Serve humanity from your unique divine expression

There is an option for further investment in yourself to work with me in a private personalized session, after the audios, that will extend, expand and accelerate these benefits.  There is much to reveal that will change everything.

Trust your inner guide that has led you here. 

Now is the time for you to become the most authentic version of you.

Bring your gifts forth in love and touch the lives of those waiting for you.  

Listen here to the introductory audio:  

About your guide:

Chandra Marin is an Energy Healing Guide and a Spirit Communicator who mentors awakened Beings to fulfill their unique divine expression.

As a guide, she leads sacred spirit journeys to help others return to their true authentic selves.  

As a visionary, she sees higher purpose and deeper spiritual understanding to life’s events.

As a spirit communicator, she echos spirit messages from those who have passed on, or those still here, or for her client's own spirit.

As a heart connector, she channels pure love, allowing hearts to open and connect to divine love and oneness.

As a conscious creator, she mentors spiritually conscious beings to manifest whatever they desire and is paid handsomely for it. Her current program,  How to Manifest Your Ideal Partner has been effective with herself and others she has mentored.  


Purchase information:

Payment is based on a sliding fee scale. Please chose the amount that feels right to you.  You will receive six channeled audio sessions (downloadable MP3 files) that include guided meditations, instruction, exercises, visualizations, and more over the course of 18 days.  

Once payment is made, you will receive an email with the first audio within 24 hours. I like to receive your email, energetically make a connection with you and send you the first audio with personalized intention. 

I honor your journey.  I see your strength.  I respect your process.
I look forward to witnessing the gifts you came to share.. 


Sliding Scale:
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