But to get from HERE to THERE- feels too heavy, you keep getting lost, or you can't get started.

This is where a guide can be useful!


I use my intuitive gifts to guide you step-by-step to clear energy, move from your head to the heart and reconnect with your inner guide.

That inner guide will show you a vision of yourself, will show you how to move forward, and will rock your world!

You are so ready to make it happen, and you know what?  

You are ALREADY there, lets clear the other stuff away.  

Praise for Chandra's work

I have worked with Chandra for several months, I was feeling trapped that I couldn’t get the job of my dreams. Chandra helped me break free of old limiting beliefs, I left that day and felt like I had kicked down this enormous door that kept me from moving on to my new life and career. She gently smiled, and held out her hand and led me through the passage to my new life. Chandra is a great healer and true guide into a life of freedom and adventure.

Jean B.

Chandra is a powerful and intuitive healer who has taught, guided, and mentored me to a place of peace. Over a year ago, I was in a very bad place where I felt I had nothing left in the world. Most of my life I have struggled with panic and anxiety and a multitude of physical ailments. I ate a very restricted diet, I worked very few hours, and I left the house as minimally as possible, and still many days I struggled to do the simplest tasks.
After working with Chandra, I can honestly say I have reached a place of genuine peace. My diet is no longer restricted, I no longer have allergies to food or pets. My panic and anxiety is gone. I no longer feel like my life is a prison. I am the most comfortable version of me I have ever been, and I have Chandra to thank.

Liesel Jones

Tools to use right now.  

Use meditations, videos, recordings, and blog posts, to see new opportunities and possibilities.  Sign up to receive these goodies right in your inbox.

You know there are magical things you get to do with your energy and heart; and IT IS TIME! 

  • Connect to your inner guidance system.  
  • Experience deep inner peace and clear direction
  • Feel confidence to move forward fearless!
  • Enjoy the flow of inspiration and creativity
  • Move to the next level of freedom in your self expression
  • Use your gifts, to bless humanity and the earth
  • Live with immense satisfaction and joy

You long to have someone special who matches your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. Someone you are deeply connected with and with whom you can evolve and grow with. 

Enough of the longing, the heartache, and the loneliness.

You are ready to clear what keeps attracting the same experiences and are willing to put your fierce heart into consciously co-creating to manifest a partner.


Select from a whole menu of services that connect you with your highest self and highest purpose right here, right now; when you align with these, you have clarity, joy, love and inner peace.