I am so honored that you have found your way here to read this. I invite you to feel your power as a co-creator with the universe to:

Manifest Your Ideal Partner

You have awakened to your power and worth as a divine being. You understand the law of attraction, may have put it into action and saw results. It intrigues you that you may use it to bring you the ideal partnership you dream about.  

Admit it, you are finished with lonely weekends and crappy dates. You have experienced the emotional and financial costs of breakups, separation, and/or divorce and you are ready to end the chapter with unfulfilling relationships.

You long to have someone special who matches your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health. Someone you are deeply connected with and with whom you can evolve and grow with.  

Yes, you are good at the whole Wonder Woman thing, but you are ready for someone to build a life with and share responsibilities. You long for the support of another who cherishes the details of your heart and life.  Because I know this about you-you have grand things to do in this life-and -

having the support of someone who believes in you will allow you to soar!

You are ready to clear your stuff that keeps attracting the same types of experiences. You have seen others do so, you want to believe you can and you are willing to put your fierce heart into manifesting this partner.

I believe you!

I was there, divorced, learning to be single. I paid for the dating websites, did the blind dates, searched and hoped for someone I could dive deep with. Sure I enjoyed it and was creeped out at times, but in the end, it tired me. I felt like I missed the boat, I questioned if it was possible to have the relationship of my dreams. Terror that my patterns would get me back into a unhealthy miserable relationship plagued me. I spent many weekends alone, my heart yearning for loving touch, connected conversation, and the support of an empowered relationship.

Then came the day I was discussing my relationship concerns with my energy healer when she stopped me saying, “wait, you don’t believe you can manifest an ideal partner?” as if this was common knowledge. She spoke with such conviction and further gave me an example of a client’s success. What a new concept! I was captivated, and secretly committed myself to the process.

As I embraced my power and said YES!- the magic began. Resources appeared to mentor me in the law of attraction and manifestation.

The universe swooped in to remodel my life and shine me up, inside and out. Every week appeared opportunities to release old beliefs, outdated stories or trapped emotions and replace them with an up-leveled perspective. My personal transformation accelerated as I was readied to receive. I joyed in the spiritual journey and the expectancy of possibility around each corner.

  • I felt free to be me in any situation
  • I connected deeper to the truth of who I am, and fell in love with me
  • I soared with joy and confidence that big things were coming my way
  • I resided in a higher vibration energy and experienced inner peace
  • I gained an abundance mentality (money and opportunities flowed in)
  • I learned how to align with my highest self and provide exquisite self-care

So, how long did it take?  

From the time I set the intention to manifest my ideal partner to when Leo appeared was six months. I knew within two dates that I had manifested him.  Even more astonishing was that he came from another country across the sea-some powerful magnetism! I can say with gusto that he is my ideal partner and we are wildly happy.

With success, I have mentored others to manifest relationships AND I have manifested other opportunities like living in other countries-and specifically by the ocean, money, my own business. Manifesting an ideal partner not only gave me support to go after my dreams, but confidence that I can create whatever I desire.

I know this works quickly for those with a spiritually awakened heart and mind, and a burning desire and willingness to invest in this process.

I created Manifest Your Ideal Partner - A Five Month Private Mentorship to guide spiritually conscious women, with my focused and intuitive expertise, through a deeply transformative experience with the result of receiving their desired ideal partnership.

Check in with yourself for a moment- what do you feel?  

Can you feel the vibration of potential within you?  

Can you feel the magic here?  

If you are nodding your head and your spirit is saying YESI  then am joyous for you, you are realizing the possibilities that exist. I invite you-the motivated powerful being you are-to partner with me-the powerful Energy Healing Guide and Manifesting Mentor that I am-and let us witness the universe to fulfill your intentions!  

The magical adventure begins January 2017.

Enough of the longing, the heartache, and the loneliness. Our partnership can deliver you your ideal partner this next year! 

Tell me how I can Manifest My Ideal Partner 

First, please keep reading so that you are clear as to how you’ll benefit from this transformational program.

Then, complete the application below indicating your sincere interest in being considered for the program. 

Keep in mind the deadline for applications is December 10th.  There are limited spaces in this program so don't wait to fill out your application.  

So why now?  Why this?  

You may know that when you undertake a goal as transformative and powerful as manifesting an ideal partner, it is easy to get stuck, lost, and distracted as you bump up against fear and conditioned core beliefs. Ego’s threats of major disasters if you move forward creates catastrophic discouragement. You have to stop and process through the fear and old patterns thereby losing precious time, momentum and even the belief that it is possible. How many times have you been discouraged by this process of fear and have given up your goal?  

As an effective mentor, I hold the vision and the focus as we move through this discomfort. These moments are catalysts for quick and effective change if you have a guide that sees through the dark. We clear away beliefs which keep you repeating heartbreaking experiences and open the way for you to create what your soul truly desires. My guidance moves you forward with great momentum while you gain spiritual wisdom and freedom from old ways. That is priceless!

Your investment in yourself + your fearless believing spirit + me as your mentor + the all powerful universe equals:

  • An empowered connected relationship this year!
  • A supportive partner that believes in you
  • A big fat fulfilling life
  • A state of expansion and possibility
  • Togetherness with someone you enjoy
  • Freedom to be you in every way- and be cherished for it
  • Courage to go after your bold dreams
  • A higher understanding and use of your co-creative powers (what is next to manifest?)
  • A return on your investment by manifesting a “rich” partner (wink, wink)

We focus on four areas to clear your way to receive what you desire.  

Focus 1: Align with your unique divine expression

  • Experience falling in love with who you truly are by discovering your true nature.
  • Feel and create a beautiful, sexy, hot, cute and stunning style that is authentic to who you truly are.
  • Live with confidence inside and out.  
  • Know who you are and what you want in any situation by aligning with your essence.

We have been conditioned out of knowing who we really are and search outside of us for beauty (e.g. what are the latest fashions, media suggestions, the image we want to portray). It creates great unhappiness not living our truth.  We may have struggled feeling beautiful in our unique way. We lose contact with the voice of our inner essence.

Identify your energy type according to Carol Tuttle’s Energy Profiling system and return back to your true nature. Learn details in her Dressing Your Truth course and create your own authentic style that you love and feel fantastic in.  

When you feel beautiful, you feel confident, happier, and more at home in the way you look, dress and act. When you are aligned with your essence, you experience a greater sense of peace and direction and confidence in choices.

For this focus you will:

  • Determine your Energy Type
  • Dress Your Truth for 30 days.
  • Practice aligning vertically to hear voice of essence

Focus 2: Healing the heart wounds

  • Experience inner peace by disconnecting energetically from past relationships and stories.
  • Freedom from trapped emotions and heart wounds so that you can manifest from a place of wholeness
  • Cleared body, mind and heart and clarity on what you desire
  • Increased energy and living in higher vibrations such as peace and joy

Heart wounds that won’t heal, emotional clutter, energetic connection to the ex’s keep us stuck in old stories, patterns, habits, emotions. We have no room in our hearts for something different.

Energetically disconnect from past ties that still exist and release trapped emotions.  Use spirit communications to find closure for heart wounds. Re-frame and create a new story around experiences.

Otherwise you keep repeating the pattern-until it is healed, you stay stagnant in past pain and trapped emotions. You block knowing what you want.

For this focus you will:

  • Disconnect energetic ties from past partners
  • Create a new spiritually re-framed and empowered story, and finish the chapter on the past.


Focus 3: The fastest way to get the love you truly desire

  • Experience pure love by healing the original abandonment- the time that you chose to leave yourself and believe love and worth was to be found outside of you.
  • Deeper connection to your intuition.
  • Released from unconscious needs
  • Greater capacity to love and be loved
  • Freedom to make conscious choices from a place of wholeness

The original abandonment- sets us looking for what we need outside of ourselves in a needy/dependant way to feel love, wholeness and worthy; a fruitless search. We can never find what we desire outside of us.  

Return to the site of the original abandonment and use yourself to heal wounds and return you to you.  Partake of the pure divine love.

Heal the original abandonment increases your awareness of what you truly desire and allows you more conscious choices.

If you don’t break free of these patterns, you will continue them, as a prisoner. This stuff is blocking the real you- and the you from accessing the real you and the real love you desire.

This focus we will:

  • Heal the original abandonment
  • Return you to you
  • Conduct Heart Chakra work


Focus 4: Three steps to ask for what you desire and receive it with swiftness

  • Experience joy and gratitude by living a big fat fulfilling lIfe.
  • Embrace your power and partner with the universe in thought, word and deed.
  • Feel more energy and enthusiasm living in the field of infinite possibility.
  • Witness your big dreams and deep desires manifest.

We don’t always make a clear request and we block receiving what we desire with fear and doubt. We don’t trust in our power as co-creators with the universe.

From a cleared and aligned place, we go deep to extract your dreams and desires. State what you want, create the feeling/spiritual space for it, and choose to trust the universe and allow yourself to receive it.

The universe is a willing partner, it waits for us to get clear, ask and receive. Manifesting/co-creating is possible.  When we discover our power we can use it to change the world through our unique divine expression.  Manifesting an idea relationship is just the start to creating the life you desire! 

In this focus we will:

  • Deliver your request
  • Conduct the "I am ready" prayer
  • Support you to live a big fat fulfilling life, readied to receive

In this five-month mentorship you will receive:

  • Five (30 minute) coaching sessions so that you stay on manifesting track as you create a deep connection to your intuition, step into your power, and experience clarity in your desires.
  • Four (90 minute) Energy Healing sessions that assist you to energetically disconnect from past relationships, and heal the conscious and unconscious blocks that keep you repeating old patterns; so that you can experience a greater capacity to love and be loved.
  • Seven content modules (30-60 minute), these audio guides provide you guidance and tools to:  
    • Align with your unique divine expression so that you can know who you are and what you want in any situation.
    • Heal the heart wounds and reframe your experiences so that you can find closure and reside in peace with the past.
    • Heal the original abandonment (that moment you chose to abandon your highest self for the person the world was telling you to be) so that you can make conscious choices from a place of wholeness and receive the love you truly desire.
    • Learn how to expand your creative potential and effectively ask what you desire-while living a big fat fulfilling lIfe-so that you can receive your request with swiftness.
  • Carol Tuttle’s Energy Typing and Dressing Your Truth system so that you can identify your energy type and live your truth. On top of that, the course provides guidance in ways to dress and create your own authentic style, according to your energy type, that you love and feel fantastic in.  

This program allows you to return home and embrace your uniqueness and beauty. Understanding who you are will shed light on the people and experiences you have attracted into your life and with this awareness comes conscious choice. I am so excited to introduce you to this program, it has been a game changer for me!

  • Manifesting Power Day with Chandra, a 6-hour VIP day where you will receive an intensive energy session to activate your desires and set your intentions. We will confirm your Energy Profile so that you can receive Carol Tuttle’s program and begin living and dressing your truth. We will create a personalized road map for your mentorship so that you can confidently move through, with me as your guide, whatever comes up along the journey in preparation to receive your ideal partner.
  • Priority email access for quick guidance and “check in” support during your program so that you are supported every step of the way.
  • Recordings of our sessions so that you can review your journey.


  • Bonus #1: One month follow up (30 minute) coaching session so that we can celebrate and fine tune anything that needs it.  Value: $320
  • Bonus #2: Creating the Perfect Day Toolbox includes effective practices you can easily implement to increase your magnetism- when you are aligned with joy and gratitude, your send out a magnetic pulse that pulls what you desire in with force.  Value: $550
  • Bonus #3 Accelerated Soul Work Toolbox empowers and assists you through the preparation necessary to receive what you desire. By embracing the experience you will find joy and peace in the process. Tools instruct you how to partner with your body intelligence, how to extract messages from your experience and thrive.  Value: $200

Are you the right fit for the Manifest Your Ideal Partner Mentorship?  

The idea of manifesting is one that is spoken about and practiced in our world today. To actually clear away the blocks and surrender your trust and control as the grand universe delivers what you have asked for is another phenomenon. Many are on the path to becoming potent co-creators with the universe and I honor all journeys.

I am very selective about who I chose to work with in this program because I am ready to travel with you all the way. Therefore, I call forth women who have embraced their power, who are ready to commit to the spiritual laws of manifesting and follow through. Are you are ready to soar to greater heights with a partner carved out from your deepest desires?

These are minimum requirements for a position in this 5 month mentorship.  Is this you?

  • You believe that it is possible to manifest an ideal partner.
  • You are an insatiable seeker of personal growth and spiritual evolution.
  • You are open and willing to do things differently.
  • You believe in and are ready for some cool magic!
  • You are good at self care- you know how and when to go within and put yourself first.
  • You know how to fiercely focus on a goal and see it through to completion.
  • You understand the law of attraction and have already worked at manifesting.
  • You are curious and engaged to find meaning behind all experiences.
  • You enjoy the life you have already created and are ready for the next level.
  • You are ready to invest in yourself – in time, energy, attention and money.
  • You are wealth and abundance conscious, believing in the field of infinite possibility.
  • You ask for what you want and speak up when you’re not getting what you need.
  • You make your payments on time.
  • You respect my boundaries and that of my team.
  • You accept 100% responsibility for your results – no exceptions or excuses.

Once I receive your completed application, we’ll have a brief interview to make sure that you and I are a perfect fit for each other, I’ll share the investment in our interview so you can make sure the program is the right decision for you.  As you undoubtedly know, this level of support and mentorship requires a deep investment of time, energy, attention and money. It’s this level of commitment and investment that bring you lasting change and want you desire!

If you have the feeling that something big is about to happen, then you are right and I invite you to step forward with the next action.

It is simple, to be considered for the program, complete the application and return it to me. You will find that this positive action of filling in the application will be transformative for you. I know you’ll receive at least ONE powerful breakthrough, insight, or awareness about yourself, just by answering the questions.

If you are accepted your commitment will begin right away. I will deliver Carol Tuttle's profiling system so that you can prepare for our first coaching session.

Your ideal partner is waiting for you to say yes.

A life with a supportive partner is waiting for you to bring your gifts forward.

Your big fat fulfilling life with an empowered connected partnership is your next step.

You just can’t continue lonely weekends, crappy dates or unfulfilled relationships when you know that this is all possible for you.  All you desire can be yours. I admire your journey, I see your strength, I honor your process, I am here to mentor you to embrace your power and Manifest Your Ideal Partner.  

In love and gratitude,


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About Chandra 

Chandra Marin is an Energy Healing Guide and a Spirit Communicator who mentors awakened Beings to manifest what they desire and fulfill their unique divine expression.  Her current program, How to Manifest Your Ideal Partner has been effective with herself and others she has mentored. As a guide, she leads sacred spirit journeys to help others return to their true authentic selves. As a visionary, she sees higher purpose and deeper spiritual understanding to life’s events. As a heart connector, she channels pure love, allowing hearts to open and connect to divine love and oneness.