No more victim, I take responsibility

Heart Scripts from Divine Love are invitations to a gentle loving place where you can rest and perhaps see that there is another way.  

Dear love,

You are taking responsibility and have learned how to stay out of victim, martyr role.

You are aware of ego stories that lead you off to emotional (irrational) pathways. Stay in this slow lane of responsibility, but let's learn how to express yourself.  Express your feelings, wishes, desires, frustrations- stay and ask what you need.  Breathe and you will keep from spinning off into illusion.  

You are loved, you are a being who gets to express yourself and ask for things.  You get to listen and honor another as well.  But always remember they hold no power over how you choose to feel.  Got that!  You choose, take that responsibility and you will go places, you will actually work through things and move forward versus spinning your wheels and not getting anywhere and getting deeper and deeper in the sand. Give up responsibility=stuck.  

And just so you remember really deep down inside, here is a reminder-

You are completely loved and accepted for who you are right now. You are learning and making your way through this experience so beautifully and perfectly. Don’t push too hard, just stay with it slow and calm.  You will make it through. But you cannot do it wrong-this is all such magnificent learning.  

If you can remember we cleared you out of all those dark, shameful, unloved, unwanted, doing it wrong feelings-the ones that make you want to hide behind your stories of heroine/victim/poor me.  

What you say matters and you gain understanding by saying it. Even if it comes out all bumbly and imperfect. Work with it, take things back, start over if you need to, apologize.  It is worth it to find that true expression of your feelings in this moment.  

Do it! 

With love.


May you feel the inspiration of these words calling you to see there are other options, other choices in your journey. May you feel divine love and may you return to that love inside.  Return to you :)

Please share the love!  You know that friend of yours, that soul sister that needs to hear this message?  Share it with her.