Two ways to move into Heart Space

Do you analyze other's reactions to figure out what they think about you? 
Do you censor what you say or do to be perceived the way you want to? 
Do you suppress your feelings or intuition?   
Do you feel stuck in past regrets or worry about the future and miss the gift of the present moment?

That was me for so many years!   Until I learned to move from my head to my heart. 

Why is it important to move from your head to your heart?
One result I found was to move from the conditioning and programming I received (social, cultural, gender, religious, etc) and return to my essence-my spirit, my highest self- and be guided from there. 

  • I became aware of energy and sensations in my body, in the present situation. 
  • I allowed my feelings to be valid and considered the information they gave. 
  • I began trusting my intuition. 
  • I choose to do what felt more comfortable to me. 
  • I felt more present in my life, and more connected.
  • Because of this, I felt more kind and loving towards who I really am.   
  • I fell in love with myself! (ahhh sweet :)

Here are two simple techniques to experiment with this move.  

Thank you for the time you spend here and the time you take for yourself to practice Heart Space.
Please share your heart wisdom by commenting:
What have you noticed about your head and your heart?
Why is it important for you to reside more in your heart space?

With love,
P.s.  I would be so grateful if you shared this with someone you know that can be aware of their heart space and use ideas for conscious living.