Introducing Heart Scripts~from Divine Love

I was stuck, stopped, and frustrated!

I felt blank, I had so many thoughts, and I had no thoughts, I had ideas, but no direction.  I couldn’t go any further, and I surrendered. I went into a silent retreat with a burning question to see a vision of me and my work, otherwise it was back to substitute teaching.

My mind swirled though, Was I ready for the answer? Was there really something there for me?Would I be able to bring it to life? Was I really cut out for greatness?

This is the result of that search:  

Heart Scripts from Divine Love are invitations to a gentle loving place where you can rest and perhaps see that there is another way.  

May you feel the inspiration of these words calling you to see there are other choices in your journey. May you feel divine love and may you return to that love inside.

Return to you :)

More to come!