Because I have felt there was something deeper than just regular life.

a deeper connection to be made with each other,

a deeper understanding of myself,

a deeper purpose to my experiences,

a deeper love to access.  

That deepness kept me searching and hoping.

In the darkest night of my soul, when I was imploding from separation from myself, isolation from others and smoldering rotting stuffed emotions (ewww).

The universe extended me an invitation out of the suffering and to freedom!!  

I said YES with fear and excitement and began my hero’s journey.

I still had five years left of a marriage (aka contract relationship) to complete.  Once fulfilled, Italy called me to realize a long lost dream, put on a back burner for “practical reasons”. I got to live there for a summer in pure Italian gelato bliss.  
Then there was the year West Nile Virus gave me to learn advance measures of self-care and how to allow help.


Next my quest led me to the choice either to fear my power and shrink back OR to embrace it and jump into the fire. With a deep breath, I jumped!!  I felt like I was floating, living in the vibration of peace and joy.

Two years later a partner whose magnetic vibes matched the ones I sent out came across the ocean and SMACK! We met in Salt Lake City, got engaged in Spain and eloped in Sweden all within 3 months.  

We were married in 2013, and I am happy to say, the relationship was not a fluke or a green card scam. Joining his nomadic lifestyle, we rotate living in Sweden, Spain, The United States, and Peru.  


In 2016, just when we were settling into the idea that no children would be joining us, a blessed little spirit came. Dear Miss E. joined us and changed me completely. During my pregnancy, I cleared out  messages I've heard about how having a child has to be and set to work co-creating (with the little one) the experience I wanted to have- a peaceful, comfortable, joyful, and meaningful birthing- no matter what. And it was just that! 

I continue to evolve and share my voice with deep love.



I am an introvert that relishes time alone- I  love to go on vacations alone.

I can spend all day in my jammies and be happy.  

Hammocks could be a second home for me.

I get hypnotized by running water, waves or rivers.

I collect leaves and rocks.

I make up my own recipes.

I love to kayak.

I am a metaphysical, spiritual, conscious evolutionary.

Comfort is my #1 priority- clothes, sofas, houses, spaces, etc.

The earth/nature is my sanctuary.